Given that the goal of the program is to find individuals who can achieve extraordinary success with the right financial support, experience, and mentoring, we want to ensure that the participants are continuing to make the most of the opportunity beyond the initial time of selection. To that end, we've established requirements to continue to stay in the program:

  • Stay in good academic standing with the university. In general, this will be a GPA of 3.4 or higher.
  • Maintain focus on career goals. We understand that career goals change and you should pursue a career path that you are passionate about. However, we don't have an ability to provide experience and mentoring if your career goals deviate from business. For example, if you decide to be a physical therapist, reporter, author, veterinarian, civil engineer, teacher, etc., etc., we don't have the experience to help you and the purpose of the program is lost.
  • Semiannual report of what you are achieving through the program (Due Aug 31st and Jan 31st). This again is a letter (doesn't have to be long) that outlines how you are making the most of your experiences and thoughts about your future plans.
  • Participation in 3 relevant internships. Work experience is a critical part of accomplishing the goals of the program.

We understand that individual circumstances may make it temporarily difficult to meet these requirements. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.