• Q: What is the difference between a Scholarship and a Grant? A scholarship is a reward for previous performance while a grant can be an investment in future performance. It is true that past performance is often a good predictor of future performance, but we are looking to find the "diamonds in the rough" who can achieve greatness.  This program provides grants.
  • Q: Why does the program invite only Freshman or 1st Semester Sophomores to apply? In order to achieve the goal of the program, we'd like participants to have a 3 to 4 year experience (3 internships). It is not possible to have the full impact if the participant is nearing graduation.
  • Q: What happens if I already have a scholarship? You will receive the same amount of grant money even if you already have a full or partial scholarship.
  • Q: What if I change majors? The program is only able to provide mentoring and experience in business. We encourage you to follow your passion and choose any career, but you will not be able to continue with this program if you decide that business is not for you.
  • Q: How will the grant funds be received? The Troy & Sherri Williams Foundation will deposit the money into your school account. First year funds will be deposited in December to cover the Fall Semester retroactively and the upcoming Winter Semester. After this, you will receive one deposit each year at around the same time period and this amount will be adjusted based on your other scholarships and grants.
  • Q: How will internships be decided? We have a network of colleagues with businesses. We will assist in finding internships in these businesses or help you pursue an opportunity outside of this network.
  • Q: Who is providing mentoring? We have a network of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs across many industries in business. Based on your interests, we will assist in setting up calls or meetings so that you can better understand an industry or receive feedback on your goals and plans. You will have frequent communication with the Williams Scholar Program leadership.